Round point shovel to remind us of our roots and the hard work it took to get us to where we are.
Folded Flag

Symbolizes honor and remembrance of those that have served before us, with us and after us.

We should always honor the sacrifices of all.

Stands for our post being the first Operating Engineer post.

Symbolizes the roads we’ve traveled and the path we’re leading.

Leaning Forward, Together; is how we accomplish our goals and succeed in our mission.

During the construction of the trail it was our honored privilege as a veterans, journeymen and Operating Engineers to work with the many volunteers that contributed to this project. Most enjoyable was the interaction with veteran apprentices; witnessing them learn new skill sets for themselves, from each other and from other veteran retirees. Skill sets that they are able to use earning a livable wage for themselves and their families. It was also great to see the contractors and suppliers that were working in the area who contributed materials and equipment to this project. Camp American Legion also contributed by providing meals and the necessary lodging to the many volunteers that worked on the trail.

Largely due to the successful efforts of this project, a new American Legion Post has been chartered. The name American Legion Operating Engineers Local Post No. 139 was chosen to honor of all veteran Operating Engineers who have passed on and the Post was created on September 30th. Membership in Post No. 139 is available to any veteran who meets the eligibility requirements of The American Legion and is an active or retired member in good standing of Operating Engineers Local 139.

American Legion Post No. 139 draws its membership from across the state. The Post’s Constitution and By-laws are in keeping with the finest traditions of The American Legion. Our primary goal is to provide our veteran members the opportunity to gather for common purposes and provide service to other veterans and our communities. 

As veterans of Active Duty and Reserve Components, we have an understanding of the challenges that both components present to service members during the many stages of transition and adjustment. As spouses, parents, children and siblings of veterans our varied members have many perspectives on the challenges, difficulties and periods of readjustment that families must work through together, no matter which branch or component of the military service.

As members of The American Legion we are continuing our service to country, family and other veterans who have gone before, served at the same time and those that have carried on after our tours of duty were done. Utilizing leadership lessons learned, practiced and honed during multiple peacetime and combat deployments, it is our Post’s mission to help others to do the same. Post 139 continues to build upon our foundation through continued work at Camp American Legion, working with other veterans organizations and through individual as well as collective efforts in our communities.

As a new Post, we have built a foundation on which to get our organization fully up and running. We have secured donations for basic office items such as stamps, stationery, and envelopes. We have also been able to purchase ceremonial items such as National Colors, post banners, flag stands and other adornments. We continue to seek financial contributions to help promote and support the ongoing Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation efforts such as that of Camp American Legion, other veterans’ relief efforts such as Operation Comfort Warriors, Heat4Heroes, as well as other projects and memorials throughout Wisconsin.

As a new post, we have worked early on to establish our own unique identity. We carefully considered our mission and purpose when establishing our motto “Leaning Forward, Together”. Our motto is to remind us that much more can be accomplished together than alone. It is also a reminder that the non-partisan nature of the American Legion means that we don’t lean to a political left or right, that we leave any partisan issues outside of our gathering places and lean forward, together, in support of one another, other veterans, service members and all of our families.

Michael Burt
Post Commander
​American Legion Post 139


During the months of April and May of 2016, veteran members of the Wisconsin Operating Engineers along with other partners combined forces to construct a handicap-accessible trail for Camp American Legion located near Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin.   Using the beautiful 12-foot wide, fully paved trail, disabled veterans may now access previously inaccessible portions of the Camp as they rest and rehabilitate. At the dedication ceremony this past June, the trail was named in honor of Gary G. Wetzel, Medal of Honor recipient and a retired Operating Engineer.