Round point shovel to remind us of our roots and the hard work it took to get us to where we are.
Folded Flag

Symbolizes honor and remembrance of those that have served before us, with us and after us.

We should always honor the sacrifices of all.

Stands for our post being the first Operating Engineer post.

Symbolizes the roads we’ve traveled and the path we’re leading.

Leaning Forward, Together; is how we accomplish our goals and succeed in our mission.

Our first stance was letting the public and our legislators in Madison know that certain measures being contemplated inside the halls of our state capitol threatened our members’ ability to earn a livable wage with which to support their families. We delivered this message with radio commercials, television ads and press conferences through partnerships, support from those that believed in our message and alongside our Department Leadership. I would like to say that our message gave the legislators some pause, but in the end politicians will do what politicians do best. Our message stood solid on our Post’s common beliefs.

We didn’t stop there. We built upon our roots by continuing to lead building efforts at Camp American Legion which is located near Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Earlier this year we volunteered hundreds of hours that yielded in the construction of a veterans’ memorial wall. This wall is located at the trailhead of Gary Wetzel Way. It is a place of solace and solemn reverence for anyone who visits. There is a place to leave behind a token of remembrance for friends and loved ones of our dearly departed comrades.

Camp is where we started and is a source of pride for our Post, but Camp is only one of the many places that we are called to serve. Through collective efforts of our supporting partners we have also been involved elsewhere throughout the State. Veterans Outreach Wisconsin’s James A. Peterson Veteran Village ( of Racine is another organization that we have helped. By getting some of the tiny houses that other organizations constructed offsite, moved and set to their permanent location and through the donations of time, collected food items and monetary funds in support of their onsite pantry operations.

We have been at the King, WI veterans home for the American Legion Department of Wisconsin’s annual pilgrimage; advocated for the mission of Camp American Legion with our entry into the annual Appleton, WI Flag Day Parade; participated in color guard duties; hosted the first annual Waushara County Veterans Picnic; participated in the setting of flagpoles at two local cemeteries and many other activities that have earned the respect of many throughout our statewide veteran’s community. All of these and more we will continue to do.

Thank you for taking the time to give us a look.

Count on seeing more of us in the future.

Michael Burt
Post Commander
​American Legion Post 139


Operating Engineers Local Post 139 was formed when it’s first slate of officers were elected without fanfare at our first meeting on September 30, 2016 at Department Headquarters in Portage, Wisconsin. What a year it has been. In our first twelve months, we have built upon the solid foundation we had established which ultimately led us to form our own Post in the first place.

There were more than a few skeptics with more than a little curiosity about us and our mission. I can proudly say that curiosity has cleared through our commitment to issues that impact our members as well as others in the veteran community of Wisconsin and beyond.